What’s Your Story?

Whether your blog is about travel, fashion, or photography – all of which are categories you can register under the African Blogger Awards – your blog is telling a story. With so much noise on the internet, it is important to be representing your ideas in a complete, succinct way.


Sharing experiences online is nothing new and this is because experiences leave lasting impressions. Using the idea of storytelling for your content gives you the opportunity to frame your experiences in a way that is more engaging. Framing your experiences as a story takes your content one step further. Your readers will walk away with an intellectual and emotional stirring about your content, which encourages conversation and engagement.

Pro Tip: One of the easiest ways to add storytelling to your  blogging is to summarize the history of the topics you cover.

Information into Meaning

Information is useless if it doesn’t serve a purpose. The reality is: stories give meaning to information. Carefully incorporating facts and figures into an interesting story will stick and have more relevance to your readers than hearing a bunch of random facts. Relating information to people is only beneficial if that information lives. This means that it is able to translate into real meaning into your readers everyday lives.

Words to Action

Once you have built up and engaged and informed audience, it is much easier to action your content. You can use your blog to move people towards a specific action of your choosing. Whether you choose to petition for people to donate to charity, start an offline reading club or buy your products. Using storytelling on your content, puts you in a unique position to move peoples hearts, minds and even wallets.

With all the noise on the internet, it is most important right now to use your online platforms to stand out. Using genuine storytelling on your blog will get your readers to listen and engage, differently and deeper too. Otherwise, what’s your story?